Coach Jurgen Ho



At the age of 28, I started my journey in Jiu Jitsu. From the first moment I put on the gi, I knew I wanted to have Jiu Jitsu to be a part of my life forever.
After 2 years of training under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts of team Agua, I was one of the first people from Suriname to receive my blue belt.

Shortly after being promoted, my coach stopped coming to Suriname and I was unsure of what to do. I felt lost and I didn’t want the sport I love to die in the country I love. In 2014 I made a hard decision, and established Invictus Academy.

In 2017, after not having a mentor and teacher for 3 years I reached out and was welcomed by the Caio Terra Association. This was the best decision of my life and my only regret was that I didn’t reach out sooner. Today, I am proud to represent our professor, role model and leader, Professor Caio Terra and hope to share our Jiu Jitsu with as many people as possible. Through Jiu Jitsu I believe we can change lives, and make the world better.

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